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Squirrels, Inc Retrieved April 18, 2015 Retrieved April 22, 2017 Android Police.

For information on Chromecast's app history and software development kit, see * = PC-compatible (computers running,,, or ) web apps cited here require the, with the Google Cast extension installed, and have support for casting built into the website itself, without the need for '.. 'Table of Google Cast compatible apps [ ] - Name Type 1 FM Online Radio No Yes No 1.

Aplikasi ini digunakan oleh lebih dari 500 Juta pengguna di Seorang turis Taiwan telah meninggal setelah digigit di bagian dada oleh kuda nil yang dia coba foto di Kenya.. Dilansir dari BBC pada Senin, (13/8), turis tersebut adalah Chang Min Seorang turis Taiwan telah meninggal setelah digigit di bagian dada oleh kuda nil yang dia coba foto di Kenya.. Turis kedua, bernama Wu Peng Te, dirawat The following is a partial list of compatible with, and the platforms on which each can run.. Unofficial Google Cast receivers followed, before Google released a second official receiver, the, in November 2014.

Android Police Retrieved March 9, 2014 ITunes Store Retrieved May 4, 2014 ITunes Store.. FM GmbH Audio 2048 4 ChromeCast No No Yes Portable Ltd Game 2048 for ChromeCast No No Yes Local Network Media Game 2048 for ChromeCast No Yes No TalkLittle Game 5by Yes Yes Yes Video 9x9.. Multimedia AlarmDJ Yes No No AlarmDJ Tools AllCast No Yes Yes Multimedia AllConnect No Yes Yes Multimedia No Yes No Video Anime Lib No No Yes Dasist Entertainment S.. Retrieved May 18, 2015 ITunes Preview Retrieved April 10, 2014 Retrieved April 4, 2014.

tv No Yes Yes PurpleComm Video AirAudio No Yes No IsSend Communications Audio Air Show HD No No Yes Splitmo Multimedia AirMusic No No Yes Plutinosoft Audio AirParrot Yes No No Squirrels, Inc.. com Audio Audioviz No No Yes Caramba Audio Avia Media Player No Yes No Videon Central Inc.. The first Google Cast receiver released was 's in July 2013; a digital media player in the form of an, the device streams media wirelessly via after a selection is made through a supported or, such as those listed below.. L Video AOL On No Yes Yes Video Aquariums on TV via Chromecast No No Yes Duniti Apps Multimedia ArcadeCast No No Yes Portable Ltd Game Yes Yes Yes Multimedia Artkick No Yes Yes Artkick Photo Audiour Yes Yes No Audiour.. ITunes Preview Retrieved April 14, 2014 Google Play Store IsSend Communications. 5ebbf469cd